September Rake Race and Chases Results - FINALS

Exclusive Promotions

September is a big month for Races and Chases with over $100,000 in Races and Chases.  Notable changes from last month:

  • To make it easier for you to keep track of all promotions poker rooms are running, on this page you will now find standings for Races and Chases that are available to all customers in addition to those exclusive to you as a Rakeback Nation customer.
  • We will be running a massive $50,000 Rake Race at Doyles Room.  This Race is shared with a handful of other rakeback providers and provides outstanding value.
  • With our new offer at NoiQ we are offering a $8,000 Rake Race.  This Race is shared with a few other rakeback providers.
  • With the Mega Millions over at Carbon Poker, they return with a $10,000 Rake Chase.  RPM Poker is not running a Chase this month but will have a comparable promotion available for all customers.
  • True Poker is running a Punta Cana Package Chase.  Earn a $1,000 tournament entry by raking just $1,500 from September 1st through October 31st, or more complete packages by raking $2,750 or $4,000.
Remember these important terms and conditions for all Races and Chases
  • Your player account must be confirmed in your Rakeback Nation Member Account.
  • Pay close attention to the start and end date and all other terms noted below for the rooms at which you participate.
  • Rake figures are based on Net Revenue as calculated by each poker room.  If a site makes deductions for deposit fees, bonuses, used points etc (ie: Full Tilt) these deductions will not only effect your rakeback, but also your standings in the Race or Chase.
  • Questions?  Contact us before the Race or Chase ends and we will resolve any questiosn.  Do not wait until the month ends as we won't make changes once the final results are posted.

For August results see: